About Me

Photographer, Filmmaker
Honors Bachelor Fine Art Photography (2019-2023) (WdKA Rotterdam)

I’m a photographer and filmmaker with a focus on social-documentary and wildlife projects. In my work, I strive to discover and document issues to make them more visible, which can be projects about social issues in people, animals, or nature. I hope to be able to inspire an urge for change and stimulate conversations within my audience. Intending to create this awareness, I’m using photography and film to document and depict the beauty and rawness of life.  

Between 2016 and 2019 I worked in the film industry mostly on feature film and commercial film sets and gained experience working in the camera, sound, and light departments for multiple productions. From 2019 to 2023 I studied Fine Art Photography at the WdKA Rotterdam and graduated my BFA with Cum Laude and an Honours Degree. Throughout my studies, I worked as a photographer and guide for a Whale Watching and Researching Organisation for over 10 months learning valuable insights into the field work of wildlife photography. Currently, I'm working on my debut documentary and several photo projects that will be published next year. Stay tuned and check my Instagram for more!


Second Place - Germany’s Top 10 Wildlife Photographers 2023 - One Eyeland 
2x Bronce & 4x Finalist - World’s Top 10 Wildlife Photo Contest 2023 - One Eyeland