About Me

Photographer, Filmmaker
Bachelor Fine Art Photography (2019-2023) (WdKA Rotterdam).
Guide and photographer for whale watching organizations since 2021.

I’m a photographer and filmmaker with a focus on social-documentary and wildlife projects. Before my studies, I worked for more than three years in the movie industry gathering experience working in the camera, sound, and light departments. Between 2019 and 2023 I studied Fine Art Photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. 

In my projects I want to inspire an urge of change and stimulate conversations about my topics. With the intention of creating this awareness, I’m using photography to document and depict the beauty and rawness of life. My devotion for photography started with social documentary projects like my approach to shine a light on the polluted habitat of water monitors on Koh Tarutao. In my work I discover and document issues in order to make them more visible, which can be projects about social issues in people, animals or nature. Overall I always try to find different ways of telling stories to get the viewer attached to it. “The Zone”, a project about a mysterious law in The Netherlands would be an example for this. My style is a juggle between a strict type of documentary photography and a free way of fine art photography.